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Love this place and eat here weekly ...
Love this place and eat here weekly. I recommend the sweet chilly sauce for the chicken. Β Staff is great and always working hard, specially during lunch hour.
Ryan R. via - Jan 12, 2021
the wait was long but food was great πŸ‘ ... read more
Christina Goforth via - Jan 9, 2021
Best wings I've had in the area ...
Best wings I've had in the area since moving here this summer! We spent the past few years overseas and couldn't wait to get back to eat our favorite wings. We were hardcore BWW fans but while we were overseas, they went downhill. Everything I've had from Chicken Shack has been AMAZING and has left me with no desire to go back to B-d ... read more
Shana M. via - Jan 5, 2021
So delish!! The best by far!!! Wish we had one in Sacramento.
marsha mcquillan via - Jan 2, 2021
Thee spot for the best fresh wings, tenders and fries. Awesome staff.
Delia Gonzales via - Dec 20, 2020
Chickens good sauces are better ... read more
1 Garcia via - Dec 16, 2020
I don't know who the girl was at Chicken Shack at the register but she is the one hard worker if I knew her name I would tell the boss to give that girl a raise or a promotion young girls working hard ... read more
Rickey 1965 via - Dec 15, 2020
Buffalo chicken meat on cheesy fries, is so good.
Γ‹e Guest via - Dec 9, 2020
Delicious!!! On Tuesdays the tenders ...
Delicious!!! On Tuesdays the tenders are $1.25 each. The fries are so good and a generous size. We buy a small and are able to share. The buffalo chicken fries are a must. Only down side of chicken shack is the wait time. They are always so busy. But they are in the works of opening up a bigger locations which will reduce the wait ti ... read more
Kate C. via - Dec 6, 2020
Gross ... read more
Michael Alvidrez via - Nov 20, 2020
First time trying it and definitely won't be the last. Love it.
L C via - Nov 19, 2020
They get pretty busy at times, ...
They get pretty busy at times, but once I receive the food, I'm very pleased. Great customer service. Love this place!
Breanne G. via - Nov 7, 2020
My children were hungry and we ...
My children were hungry and we decided to order chicken shack. I called in my order around 4:50 and was told it'll be ready around 6:00 I got my order around 6:30 so I had to wait an extra 30 min or more. The staff was completely rude. I heard someone answer a call and told the person that their food would be ready at a certain time ... read more
Ana M. via - Nov 7, 2020
Great wings lemon pepper were awesome ... read more
z77jabbjaw via - Nov 5, 2020
Luv it.
craig ramey via - Oct 24, 2020
The foods great and all but it takes forever for me to get the order ... read more
Mike Walker via - Oct 18, 2020
First time at CS and have to say that pollo es muy BUENO!! My new spot!!
First time at CS and have to say that pollo es muy BUENO!! My new spot!!
Dona N James Nicandro via - Oct 17, 2020
Bomb ... read more
Rob G via - Oct 3, 2020
this place is small...more for take out or delivery.... the chicken is good and garlic fries is a must taste...
Bonzy Maciel via - Oct 2, 2020
Chicken shack always is one of ...
Chicken shack always is one of my top choices because the prices are a little high, but you stay full all day with the portions that are given. Unfortunately my past 3 experiences I've gotten stuff in my order that I asked not to be added on. I tried calling and letting them know my order was wrong, but there was no answer. Overall o ... read more
Madi G. via - Oct 2, 2020
Fire ... read more
Rocio Lopez via - Oct 2, 2020
So I order online 98% of the time, I usually go to pick up my order 5-10 mins after it says my order will be ready. Each time I go I am still waiting an additional 10-15 mins, what is the use of ordering ahead of time if my order will not be ready when its supposed to be. I LOVE THE FOOD but the speed of service is terrible ... read more
Jessica Lopez via - Oct 2, 2020
Chicken has a bland flavor. Basically just flour. I got garlic parmesan dipping sauce which is really really good! My favorite thing is the shoe strong fries. Super tasty. Make sure they are fresh made. I would add photos but I forgot to take some. Maybe next time.
Francisco Preciado via - Sep 21, 2020
There was some confusion on a phone-in order yesterday. (9-18-20) The manager and staff went above
There was some confusion on a phone-in order yesterday. (9-18-20) The manager and staff went above and beyond to make things right. I was very impressed! Good job, People!
Michael Cuinn via - Sep 20, 2020
Would recommend this restaurant to anyone very good food πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ ... read more
michalene collier via - Sep 14, 2020
I've been coming here since they ...
I've been coming here since they opened. They are my go to place any time we go out to eat. I always get a 3 piece tossed in sweet chili with garlic fries and they are bomb! I will always be a regular here. Sometime the wait time is long, but what can you expect when this is the best place to eat in King's county! Always worth the "w ... read more
Garrett D. via - Sep 5, 2020
Excellent food but I was shorted on my order ... read more
Cathy Smith via - Sep 2, 2020
Awesome chicken sandwiches and fries. We also got the burger and it was one of the best burgers you're going to have, perfectly cooked and the toasted sesame seeds bun was a great addition.
Chris Child via - Sep 1, 2020
It was pretty good I was a little ...
It was pretty good I was a little disappointed with the flavor of the chicken it was just a little bland but the fries where awesome. Pretty expensive not in a huge hurry to go back ... read more
Diamond F. via - Aug 28, 2020
Awesome chicken, good service! ...
Awesome chicken, good service! I come here all the time. Buffalo fries are delish. Ask for the oh jeez sauce.
Steven B. via - Aug 16, 2020
Excellent food and customer service if they make a mistake they make it right i strongly recommend the Buffalo chicken fries and chicken wraps πŸ˜‹ ... read more
Sweetest Cin via - Aug 8, 2020
I would have loved to rate more ...
I would have loved to rate more than three stars. But, we ordered the Shack Pack with chicken fingers, fries, and macaroni salad to go. The food was good but when we opened our bags to eat there was NO SAUCE. None of the 4 sauces we were supposed to get. This is such a stupid mistake. Especially since many of the reviews talk about m ... read more
Robert T. via - Aug 2, 2020
Buffalo fries are a little expensive you should change the price to 6.50$ please i wanted to take my brother but it is expensive ok ... read more
Josie Valladares via - Jul 24, 2020
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